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Exhibition in London, DECORATIVE but CALM by Japanese Artists with modern craftsmanship

"DECORATIVE but CALM by Japanese Artists with modern craftsmanship" in London

15-22 September 2017, Admission free

Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

14 September 2017

Private View and Talk Discussion: 6-8pm

The artists will discuss about their works and materials with Mr. Rupert Faulkner, Victoria and Albert Museum

16 September 2017

Demonstration and Lecture: 2.30-4pm

The artists will be demonstration and lecture of their techniques and each material.

Hiroshi KAITO –Glass

Risa OHGI –Ceramics

Satoshi MIZUSHIRO –Metal Smithing

Shinpei MATSUZAKI –Urushi Art

Daiwa Foundation Japan House

13/14 Cornwall Terrace London NW1 4QP

Tel: 020-7486-4348

Underground: Baker Street

Understanding the materials and the quest for the techniques; these craftsmanship could be said to be the essence of artistic crafts. We are Japanese artists with challenges to add to our works, our own decorative expressions, based on our practices on these two essentials. Each of us has been engaged in teaching in the Tokyo University of the Arts, and at the same time working on own practice in techniques while also seeking value in the inheritance of the Japanese arts and crafts. We have confidence in thinking that "Craftsmanship" is borderless, and it can become an international language by appealing to everyone's sensibilities, more so in Great Britain with history of a high standard of craftsmanship.

Japanese traditions are a mix of those of China and Korea in old days, and also by taking in the influences of the Western countries in modern times, and mingling them together with the Japanese strong inquiring mind, we have made a unique progress of our own. We hope you will enjoy our works as the people of Great Britain has enjoyed the associations with other countries throughout the history, and has always been enjoying the coexistence of different cultures.

In modern days, the words "Craftsmanship" and "Decorative" have become inseparable, and "Decorative" may give some impressions of being overpowering and extravagant or the techniques too imposing. In this exhibition, we would like to show you the works in pursuit of elaborate designs not to overpower, but to present calm and cozy to those looking at them. They are the expressions of our Japanese sense of "DECORATIVE".

The University for the creative Arts and the Tokyo University of the Arts held a joint exhibition “Material Symphysis” in 2016, and this exchange between the two Universities opened the way to today’s exhibition. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in this exhibition and for letting us have such excellent opportunity.

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